Stránky, kde je možné procvičovat angličtinu:


Milí žáci, 

níže najdete

1. seznam frází slovíček, které jsme spolu v hodinách probírali a které si doma trénujte

2. reading texty na domácí procvičení (společně zkontrolujeme podle uvedeného data u textu) 

3. úplně dole na stránce je shrnutí práce pro nepřítomné žáky 



Basic questions - review
4th   September What day is it today?  It is ....
  What date is it? It is...
  What month is it? It is ..
  Can you spell it, please? Yes, I can.
7th   September What is your first name and surname? My first name is ...and my surname is....
  Do you like your name?  Yes, I do./No, I don´t.
  How do you spell your surname?  
8th    September Have you got a big family? Yes, I have./No, I haven´t. There are ...
  What is your e-mail address? My e-mail address is...
  What do you do? I´m a pupil.
11th September Why do you study English? I study English, because I ...
  What is your friend´s name? His/her name is...
  Where does he/she live? He/she lives in...
14th September How often do you see your friend?  
  What do you have in common?  
15th September Do you live in a house or a flat? I live in a ...
  How many rooms are there in your house or flat? There are ....rooms in my ....
18th September What is your favourite room?  My favourite room is...
  Describe it. (5 sentences) It is green./ I play PC games there./ There are 2 beds  and 1 desk in my bedroom./ I like it because I can relax there./ There are some posters on the walls.


Unit questions



8th  September Journey into space: the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, planet, star, spaceship, astronaut, rocket, satellite, space station


Reading texts

1. A day in the life of a postman 30.9.2020


READING 1 - A day in the life of a postman

1   Read the text and answer the questions.

A day in the life of a postman

Peter Simpson is a postman. He comes from London but now he lives and works in Bristol, a big city in the south-west of England.

Today, on the World News Web, we ask Peter about his life and his job.

How do you start a typical working day, Peter?

Well, I get up at half past three in the morning,’ says Peter. ‘I have breakfast and a shower. I eat eggs and I always drink a lot of coffee before I start work. It’s dark outside and it isn’t easy to get up when it’s so early and so dark. Then I walk to the delivery office. It’s about 20 minutes from my house.

What do you do at the delivery office?

I work with ten other postmen. We work for four hours putting letters into bags. It isn’t difficult to do but we work very fast.

Then what do you do?

At about 8.30, I take my big bag of letters and walk outside. On a typical day, I deliver letters to 600 addresses.

Do you like your job?

Yes. Well, usually. I don’t like it when it rains. And I don’t like working on Saturday morning when everybody is in bed.  But I meet a lot of people. Old people are very friendly and I always speak to them. Some old people don’t speak to many people in a day so I think it’s important to say hello and be friendly. And after lunch I’m free. I don’t work in the afternoon, so I can go shopping or go cycling when other people are at work. And that’s great!

Example: What does Peter do?

He’s a postman.

1   What time does Peter get up?                                          _______

2   Where does Peter live?                                                   _______

3   What does Peter eat and drink for breakfast?                    _______

4   Who does Peter work with?                                            _______

5   What time does Peter leave the office to start his walk?    _______

6   Does Peter like working on Saturday?                             _______

7   What does Peter do in the afternoon?                              _______


2   Read the text again and tick  True or False.

Example: Peter Simpson is a milkman.         True          False   (yes)    

1   Peter lives in the north of England.

     True          False         

2   Peter doesn’t have a shower in the morning.

     True          False         

3   Peter thinks it’s difficult to get up in the morning.

     True          False         

4   Peter goes to the office in his car.

     True          False         

5   Peter lives 20 minutes from the delivery office.

     True          False         

6   Peter works in the office for five hours every morning.

     True          False         

7   Peter often delivers letters to six hundred houses in a day.

     True          False         

8   Peter doesn’t meet many old people in his job.

     True          False          


Práce pro nepřítomné žáky

18th September Desribe your favourite room. - (5vět)/ WB-p.15 ex. 5